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35mm Film Cameras

Nikon F Photomic body, Silver + Speed Magny 45

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€999,00 EUR
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Nikon F Photomic body, Silver + Speed Magny 45

Rare-ish Nikon F with Speed Magny 45!

Speed Magny 45

Overall Length: 190mm (7.5 in.)
Width: 220mm (8.7 in.)
Height (from prism to bottom): 250mm (9.8 in.)
Weight: 1900g (4.3 lb.)
Film Format: 4 x 5 in.
Magnifiying Relay Lens: EL-Nikkor 50mm f/2.8
Magnification Ratio: 4.1:1 (i.e. multiply 35mm focal length by 4.1)
Films to be Used:
(mainly) Polaroid Land Film Type 57 (ASA 3 000)
Polaroid Land Film Type 58 (ASA 75 [Polacolor] -- now obsolete; use Polacolor 64 Tungsten or Pro 100, T-79)
Polaroid Land Film Type 55 (ASA 55 [Pos/Neg])
Polaroid Land Film Type 51 (ASA 640 (Pos), ASA 80 (Neg) [HC Pos/Neg])
Polaroid Land Film Type 52 (ASA 400, [PolaPan])
any type of 4x5 sheet film (with appropriate film holder)
Exposure Factor: 20 (i.e. divide ASA of film in use by 20, so Type 57 becomes ASA 150, effectively)
Film Holder: extra (Polaroid Sheet or 4x5 cut-film holder)
Relay Lens Cap: not included (film has built-in cap)

This is the most versatile of all the Speed Magnys, as it allows the film holder to be swapped between the standard Polaroid 4x5 sheet film holder (familiar to most of us who've done microscope photography) and the even more familiar 4x5 cut-film holders (e.g. those from Speed Graphics -- but I'm not sure if it will accept a Grafmatic holder).

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