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Kodak Retina IIc (Type 020)

€499,00 EUR
€499,00 EUR

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Kodak Retina IIc (Type 020)

A rare fully serviced Kodak Retina IIc with two lenses! Serviced 6/2021 by Cameramakers. Comes with service report.

Shutter, self timer and cocking mechanisms cleaned and lubricated. Shutter speeds adjusted and tested. Rangefinder adjusted. Focusing tested.

6 month guarantee exclusively for this item!

This item includes a Kamerastore guarantee that we will provide repair or replacement should any new mechanical faults develop from standard use during the first 6 months of ownership.

Kodak Retina IIc (Type 020)

Foldable 35mm film camera that was made from 1954 to 1957/8. Manufactured in Germany by Kodak AG. About 136 000 units were made. The camera has a coupled rangefinder and interchangeable lenses.

  • Synchro-Compur shutter with speeds 1-1/500s and B.
  • Self timer with approx. 10s delay.
  • Flash synchronization is possible with all shutter speeds.

Schneider-Kreuznach 35mm f5.6 Retina-Curtar-Xenon C

Small and compact wide-angle lens for Kodak Retina.

  • Smallest aperture: f22.
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    Our collimator is used to simulate infinity focus for the purpose of ensuring lens alignment & focus at any distance. We also use a special high-contrast target board to ensure that rangefinders are properly aligned both vertically & horizontally.

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