Dec. 15th, 2021


Product ship-from location more clear

Below the title on each product page you can now see whether the item ships from Tampere or Espoo.


Nov. 29th, 2021


Breadcrumbs added to each product page

Atop each product page you can now see the category, sub category, and sub sub category of the item - and click any to view more items in that collection.


System links added to each product page

Each product page now displays the items system, which can be clicked to view all items in that collections. 


Nov. 26th, 2021


Product system shows on product grid

Product system (lens system / lens mount) is now visible when viewing product grids and filtering. You no longer have to click on the item to see the system. 


Nov. 25th, 2021


Stock quantity visible on product pages

You can now see the amount of stock of an item when viewing a product page -visible just below the product title. 


Nov. 24th, 2021


Infinite product scroll enabled

No more 24 product limit per page and "view more" button, products load as your scroll.


See in-stock quantity

Each item now shows the how many units are in-stock near the item price and title.


Nov. 23rd, 2021


Improved search UX

Search icon changed to search bar, is sticky on the top-center of every page.


View previously sold items

You can now view previously sold item images, details, and prices, by selecting the "Already Sold" attribute in the "Stock Status" filter when viewing the all items collection.


Language switcher

You can toggle between Finnish and English with the language switcher present on the bottom right of every page. 


Nov. 19th, 2021


New category: Lens Boards

Lens Boards now have their own category and are available via Accessories > Lens Accessories > Lens Boards


New category: Film Backs / Holders

Film Backs / Holders are now available via Accessories > Body Accessories > Film Backs / Holders


June 15th, 2021


Tax/VAT details at checkout

You can now see which items have or do not have VAT when viewing your order at checkout. 


April 29th, 2021


Cosmetic condition rating removed

Cosmetic condition 1-5 scale rating removed, Mechanical and Optical condition remain. Cosmetic condition can be evaluated checked on an individual basis by observing each used items images. Actual item pictured. 


April 4th, 2021


Quantity selector for new items

You can now add more than one non-used item to your cart at once.