Kokoelma: Olympus OM

The Olympus OM system, designed by well known designer Maitani Yoshihisa was introduced in 1972 more than a decade later than competing SLR systems. The OM mount is Olympus’ only 35mm SLR lens mount.The OM cameras and lenses are known for being a very compact 35mm SLR that was substantially smaller than its counterparts, while still being built to last. Their mechanical models, such as the OM-1 and OM-2 are very highly regarded. 

All Olympus OM lenses were made to the same high standard, because of this Olympus OM mount lenses still retain value rather well. Although all lenses were made to the same high standard, bodies were divided into two distinct series. Single-digit models were part of the professional series and two-digit models were part of the consumer series.

The OM system remained relevant all the way until 2002 when it was finally discontinued by Olympus.

OM lenses are adaptable to a variety of other camera systems including Canon EF by using a mount-specific adapter.

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