Kokoelma: Minolta MD (SR Mount)

The Minolta manual focus lens mount system was introduced in 1958 with the SR-2. The SR-mount was used for almost 40 years in all Minolta-made manual focus 35mm SLRs. Although technology improved and four versions of the SR/MD mount were produced, basic compatibility remained, allowing all Minolta MD bodies to use all Minolta MD lenses.

In 1972 Leica signed an agreement for technical co-operation with Minolta. Leica shared optical design secrets in exchange for Minolta's electronics expertise. Among the fruits of this partnership were the Leica R series of cameras as well as the Minolta XE and XD lines of SLRs, as well as the Leica CL and Minolta CLE rangefinders.

Most Minolta lenses are branded with the "Rokkor" name. From the outset, Minolta inteded to be a technically-innovative company that offered excellent glass for competitive prices. They were also one of few Japanese companies making their own optical glass. This means Minolta lenses are excellent quality, both optically and mechanically.

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