Kokoelma: Minolta AF

Minolta's “A-mount” was introduced in 1985 with the Minolta Maxxum 7000 as the world's first autofocus SLR. Throughout their production run, Minolta would continue to innovate in flash technology as well as data collection, the precursor to modern EXIF data. They also produced one of the world's fastest mechanical shutters for the Dynax 9xi and 9. This shutter, with a top speed of 1/12000s, is still one of the fastest ever put inside an SLR-style camera. After declining success in the consumer market and a failed partnership with Konica, Minolta sold their camera division to Sony in 2006. Sony would continue development of the A mount, using it for DSLRs and continuing to produce Minolta's lenses with very little modification. These lenses and cameras are still available new, although as of 2021 it is believed that the A mount has been completely discontinued.

Because of this partnership with Sony, the Minolta AF lenses still remain desirable today. Minolta AF lenses could be used on Sony A-mount cameras without an adapter and on Sony E / FE mount cameras with an LA-EA3 / LA-EA4 adapter.

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