Kokoelma: Leica R

The Leica R system was introduced in 1964 as Leica's answer to the successful SLR systems of the time, including Nikon F and Asahi Pentax.  The Leica R system was produced until 2009, and even featured a digital back for its final model, the R9. 

Most lenses with an R-bayonet can be used on any R-system camera body, but not all camera functions are supported as the mount has undergone several modifications over the years. Click here to check the compatibility.

Like all Leica lenses, R lenses are highly regarded and built to exceptional quality standards. These lenses resist physical shock and temperature change because of their ll-metal body parts, ball bearings, and tight machining tolerances.

Leica R mount lenses can be easily adapted to most mirrorless systems as well as modified to work natively with Nikon F, Pentax K, and Sony A-mount cameras, or for cine purposes.

Leica R

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